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Coditiv's rules are rules and guidelines that create a safe, fair and enjoyable place of
purchase and sale for all members. As a buyer, you must read and understand the coditiv
regulations, and know the various laws and regulations in force, as stipulated in the Terms
of Use.
The coditiv regulations aim to ensure the enforcement of laws and regulations in order to
reduce risks for buyers and sellers and to ensure equal opportunities for all buyers in order
to provide a pleasant shopping experience and protect the values of the coditiv community

We do not allow our members to use coditiv to contact to offer to buy or sell items outside
coditiv. In addition, members are not allowed to use the information obtained from coditiv
to contact each other about transactions outside of coditiv.
As Buyer you have to following different terms namely:
-Buyers cannot commit to buying an item without settling the transaction. Each purchase
entails a contractual obligation for the buyers.
-Buyers should download and save the item as soon as the transactions have been
-Buyers do not have the right to resell or distribute the products and services purchased on
the site coditiv except the conditions of purchase of the latter allows it
As seller, you agree to abide by the Sale Rules and the Sales Practices By-law. You also
agree that:
you are responsible for the accuracy of the content and legality of the items put up for sale
in accordance with the Prohibited or Restricted Articles Regulations; content that violates
any coditiv rule, whatever it may be, is deleted, modified or obscured at the sole discretion
of coditiv; it may happen that we review product information associated with the ads by
adding, removing, or correcting information; your ad will appear in search engine results
based on several criteria such as format, title, price, and detailed seller ratings.

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