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by Coditiv

7 months ago

The registration and the action to buy the products and services offered on our website are
free. However, the use of other services, such as the sale of products and services, pays
off. When you sell a product or use a paid service, you have the opportunity to review and
accept the rates that you will be charged based on the conditions on the site.
Unless otherwise stated, all rates are quoted in US dollars. It is your responsibility to pay
all applicable fees and taxes resulting from the use of our sites and services on time and
through a valid method of payment. If there is a problem with your payment method or if
your account is in arrears, we will try to collect the amounts due by other means of
recovery, we will debit the other payment methods in your account, we can call on a
collection agency or legal counsel authorized for this purpose. Default interest at the legal
rate will apply where applicable. You agree that we send you invoices in electronic format
by e-mail. Finally, we may also suspend or limit your ability to use our Services until
payment has been received in full.

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