The web evolves at such a fast pace that without keeping up with recent technologies, one cannot hope  to succeed in tomorrow’s business.

At Coditiv we help you with your web projects, of all levels and sizes.

  • Conception

    Do you have an idea about a product or service? Are you working on a web project that you would like to improve or scale to attain a specific goal ?
    Give us a call and we can streamline your strategy and suggest tools and settings based on your budget.

  • Implementation

    We are experienced in developing web applications of various types. Using the most recent programming tools, we will recommend one that fits your needs. Informational websites, e-commerce platforms, custom applications and more.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Once your product/service is complete and launched, we will not drop you! We intend to stand by our products and maintain them over time, while security of utmost importance in all the process.

Hosting your applications/website with Coditiv comes packed with features, only at a fraction of the price elsewhere.

  • Blindingly fast servers
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Award winning Cpanel access 24/7
  • Softaculous script installable packages with 200+ applications installable within a few seconds
  • Free domain name for first year for Silver and Gold packages
  • Access to webmail
  • Optional Cloudflare integration
  • and more

Coditiv's Placive Marketplace

For themes, plugins, modules, and more

At Coditiv we’ve created various platforms to help developers, designers and creative artists to make the web a better place. Placive is a marketplace where you can sell and/or buy web products ranging from simple graphics to complex themes, templates and scripts for various CMS or frameworks

Coditiv Hosting Packages