Terms and Conditions


Hereinafter, Coditiv Marketplace shall be referred to as “Company.” When first-person pronouns are used in this Agreement, (Us, We, Our, Ours, etc.) these provisions are referring to Company and/or to any other site that we may choose to operate in the future. Additionally, when the terms “the Site” or “Site” are used, these terms refer to www.coditiv.com, any predecessor or successor domain or URL, along with any website published by Us, unless a site is specifically exempt from this Agreement. Our Site(s), and the services the Site provides (“Services”), may contain images and content, including but not limited to text, software, images, graphics, data, messages, or any other information, and any other website content owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by the Company (collectively, “Materials”). Welcome to Our Site’s User Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement” or “Terms and Conditions.”) The provisions of this Agreement will govern Your use of Our Site(s) and the Services contained therein. Coditiv is a marketplace that allows its users to sell or buy virtual products they want, in a variety of price formats. You should therefore take some time to read the Agreement carefully.

Coditiv does not hold any items offered for sale or sold on its site, and does not intervene in any way in the transaction between sellers and buyers. The sales contract is concluded exclusively and directly between the seller and the buyer. We do not intervene in transactions between buyers and sellers. As such, we do not transfer ownership of the seller’s items to the buyer. The sale / purchase agreements are concluded directly between the buyer and the seller. Accordingly, we have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items offered for sale, the veracity or accuracy of the content or advertisements of users, the ability of sellers to sell such items or the ability of buyers to pay for these objects. Any indication of pricing and delivery, or any other advice offered by Coditiv on its sites, services, applications or tools, is provided for informational purposes only. In addition, we cannot assure that the seller or buyer will conclude or execute the transaction or that a buyer will properly return an item. The seller is free to choose the bidder with whom he wishes to close the sale. However, as soon as the seller notifies the bidder that he accepts his bid, the provisions of the canadian law apply to the sale. We hope that You thoroughly enjoy Our services, and anticipate that You will find Our Site useful and informative. Should You have any questions or comments regarding Our Site, or its policies, please feel free to contact Us via [email protected] The laws of Your individual city, state, province or nation may regulate the activity discussed or promoted by the Site, or by third parties communicating on the Site.

Check Your local laws before taking part in any such activities.